Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and solutions to common questions. If you cant find an answer, contact us and we will be happy to help.

About Payozo platform:

What is Payozo ?

Payozo is an international company providing captcha entry job.

When Registration will open?

Registration is open 24*7 you can visit our website any time you want and you can join our Payozo Community.

Can Indian work on Payozo ?

Yes, People from all over the world can work with Payozo.

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Working with Payozo:

How to start?

To start your captcha job on Payozo just click on join us on our website, fill your basic details, select any of the plan, after successful payment you will get a mail from our end with our captcha portal link: www.data24.co.in & username/password.

When can i start work?

Registration is open 24*7 you can visit our website any time you want and you can join our Payozo Community.

Can we work on smartphone?

Yes, you can open our working portal www.data24.co.in from chrome browser & work from any Smartphone.

Multiple accounts allowed?


How much can I earn?

Upto Rs.500/- per 1000 correct captchas.

How can I earn more?

You can use your referral link to invite your friends to our service and you will get 10% of their earnings. More info on our referral program you can find in referral section of FAQ.

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Solving captchas:

What can I do if I cannot read a captcha?

Just click ESC button it will refresh & show another captcha.

My account is temporarily blocked. What do i do now?

If you make too many mistakes system will temporarily block your account. And within 24 – 48 hours it will be automatically un-blocked & you can start again.

For how many mistakes does the account get blocked?

There’s no exact number of mistakes allowed. There’s a complex algorithm that analyses complexity of the captcha, the type of mistakes, quality & frequency of mistakes & your over-all performance. Its natural for a new user, as you keeping working you will get better & account will never get blocked.

How can I know my mistakes?

We will share your error report. Mail us – support@payozo.in asking for your error report & we shall share it on mail.

Will it take time to load a captcha after each entry?

Not even one second, Our portal runs on super-fast servers & networks. So no waiting for the next captcha.

Multiple accounts allowed ?

You can see our Captcha Demo Video. Unlike other websites, our portal doesn’t take time to generate the next Captcha. Next Captcha generates in less than a second. So hurrah! You can work fast with just one ID.

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Payment withdrawal:

How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can refer the video on our website to understand this better. Once you complete typing 1000 Correct Captcha’s click on withdraw, your earnings will get credited to your linked Bank, UPI or Paypal account.

How do I link my bank or UPI details?

Once you register you will receive a welcome mail from our end & to the same email you can reply with the details where you want to withdraw your earnings.

What all bank/UPI details should I provide to receive my earnings ?

For bank – Bank account number, account holders name & IFSC code.

For UPI – UPI ID or Phone number.

When can I withdraw my earnings ?

As soon as you complete 1000 Correct Captcha’s you can withdraw money instantly!

No submission time No checking time No waiting time.

After validity expired is it possible to withdraw?

Yes, you can withdraw your earnings after your account is expired or inactive for a long time. just mail us to: support@payozo.in

Is there any withdraw fee ?


What to do If I do not get payment after earning minimum withdrawal ?

Usually, after you click on withdraw it’s instant but sometimes due to the bank’s server down it may take a maximum of 24 hrs to deliver your payment to your bank account.

What is the minimal withdrawal amount?

You can withdraw immediately after 1000 correct captchas.

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Is there any registration fee?

Yes nominal, please click on join us & submit your basic details to explore our plans.

Registration fee refundable?

Yes, with your 3rd earnings, we will fully refund.

Is it possible to register for free?

Sorry no, we also do have our expenses like server maintenance, 24×7 customer support, etc hence we won’t be able to serve you for free.

Is it possible to get a free account if I refer a friend?

Yes, pls check our refer & earn FAQ’s

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Refer & Earn:

What is Referral Program?

We have multiple Referral program as given below:

Referral program 1: Refer & when your friend joins you get Rs.250/- directly to your Bank or UPI.

Referral program 2: Refer two friends & when they join you get free basic plan.

Referral program 3: Refer & when your friend joins, get 10% of their earnings for lifetime till they work with us.

Where can i find my referral link?

On our website:

  1. Click on join us
  2. Fill your basic details & submit
  3. On top you will see refer option follow it.

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