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We hope after seeing the video you have understood what your work will be.

That’s our cloud portal & you will be provided with a username & password. Upon login to your account, you will be receiving captcha images continuously (as shown in the video). You just need to type the text from the images (captchas) and submit it by clicking enter key from your keyboard.

You can access our portal from any device – Laptop / PC / Smartphone.

If you find any captcha complicated/not readable you can click the ESC key from your keyboard, it will skip the captcha & show you a new one.

Captcha’s are not Case Sensitive, so you can type every letter in Lower Case.


For every 1000 correct Captcha’s you will get paid $3-$4 (200-250 INR)

Remember you will be only paid for correctly typed 1000 captcha’s, Wrong Captcha’s will not be counted & there will be No kind of payment deduction or negative marks for wrong entries. So need not worry if you go wrong! Hurray!

Error report will be provided so you can track where you’re going wrong & avoid the same in the future.

Each CAPTCHA will contain 5 or 6 characters only, comprising of Alpha-numeric only. No special characters, spacing, paragraphing, font style / size, punctuation, etc. Which makes the work very simple, easy & stress-free!

There is No Limit on the number of Captcha’s you type in a day. It’s UNLIMITED.

24×7 process you can work anytime, any day & from anywhere in the globe!

Be persistent & keep patience in order to make good money from our captcha typing. Initially, you need to work a little hard to understand & solve the captcha but with time, you will find a very profitable position working with us.

Welcome to Payozo

Payozo is World’s most popular & largest Captcha provider company.

Payozo has been proudly providing Work From Home services worldwide since 2000. Since opening in 2000, we have become masters of Captcha business. We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our offerings. Get in touch with us today to learn how Payozo can help you make profit sitting at your comfort zone. To learn more, simply browse through our site.

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Work from your comfort zone

You can work from anywhere anytime with your comfort zone.

Work from your comfort zone

Available worldwide.

We are available worldwide which means you can join us from anywhere.

Available worldwide.

Easy & instant withdrawals!

You can withdraw your payment instantly without any delay.

Easy & instant withdrawals!


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    Payozo is one of the Top International Captcha job provider. Payozo is the only website that pays the highest payout for typing captcha’s. We pay upto $6 (Rs.500) for every 1000 Correct Captcha’s. You can type 1000 Captchas roughly in 1-2 hours depending on your typing speed, the more you type the more you earn.

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    At Payozo you can work at your own convenient hours, it is available 24*7,
    You can earn around $300 to $500 (Rs. 24,000 to Rs. 41,000) per month if you work at least 3-5 hours every day. Many of the Payozo members are earning decent income by our simple captcha typing job.

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    Captcha entry job is one of the simple & easy way to make money online. There are many work from home jobs available in market but only with Payozo you get these flexibility & convenience like- No Targets, No Accuracy, work anytime/anywhere, Instant payment withdrawal.
    Directly withdraw your payment to your bank or UPI option. (as shown in demo video)

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    If you are a student, homemaker, retired, unemployed, or any other person looking for some extra income opportunity then Payozo is the best source for you. More than 3,00,000+ people have been benefited from Payozo by earning part time or full-time income from home.

About Captcha

What is Captcha ?

CAPTCHA stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”. It can also be said that CAPTCHA is a word verification code test, which can be read and understood by human beings only.

I am sure you have at least basic knowledge of the internet if you are reading this. And you must have an account on sites like Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

If you have joined any of these sites like above or others on the internet then you must have experienced the CAPTCHA. This is a human verification test so that no automated bot or software can join their site.

There are many companies who need to sign up in large quantities on thousands of websites on the internet. They can create automatic software to sign up on the websites but there is no technology to solve the CAPTCHA automatically. And that is where they need humans to solve these CAPTCHAs.

When their software creates accounts on these sites, they come across CAPTCHA & send that CAPTCHA image to the CAPTCHA solver. (Our CAPTCHA portal)

CAPTCHA is also used in attempts for preventing automated software from executing actions in order to retain the service quality of a specified system.

Thus, CAPTCHA is something, which safeguards websites against automated assaults by proffering tests that only human beings can pass but present computer programs fail to do so.

And that is how we get paid from these large companies who sign up every day in a large quantity on thousands of websites on the internet.


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